Friday, April 9, 1999    


Scrapbooking is My Life!

By:Hilary M

It all began one cold, rainy day after Christmas 1996. I had the after Christmas blahs and the weather outside didn't help at all. As usual I checked the mail in the morning around 10 a.m. Lo and behold! There in my mailbox was a new magazine. "Hmmmmmmmm, this looks interesting," I said to myself and I thumbed through it. I was soon caught up in the pages of this magazine and so excited about a new prospect and a new idea on things I really had been doing my whole life.

What is this magazine, you might ask? Nothing other than the premier issue of Creating Keepsakes. This was something that I had not ordered or expected. But came at just the right time.

Thus began the frenzy that I now live! From that day on I have become a fanatic scrapper. Scrapbooking has changed my life in such a positive way. Through the love of scrapbooking that I have found has come many blessings. I have met hundreds of new friends both here in the community that I live in and throughout the world thanks to the wonderful world of internet and dmarie. I have begun teaching scrapbook classes which helps others to experience the same satisfaction and joy of preserving their family histories and memories.

I know that scrapbooking is important for our future generations. Our own heritage will cherish these books as I would had it been done for me.

Scrapbooking is important for my own self-being because to me it is a great stress reliever and calmer. Scrapbooking also gives you instant gratification. You see the end result as soon as you finish a page. Then others admire the page and it gives you a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I am so grateful that I was introduced to scrapbooking the "right way" as I have basically been a "scrapper" my whole life but am now able to preserve the memories in a way in which they can be enjoyed forever.

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