Monday, April 9, 2001    


What dMarie means to me

By:Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.

A little over 4 1/2 years ago, I located a scrapbooking website that has made a large impact on my life. DMarie has been by daily vitamin - filled with inspiration, laughter, hope, joy, and one weekend out of the year...pure insanity.

I mostly keep to the Picture Talk Board - where I feel safe to participate without fear of repercussions. I can offer my "two cents" worth of advice, ask a question (scrapbook related or not) about absolutely anything, offer a prayer, or just lurk.

I do venture off to the "Rodeo Drive" of Scrapbook Internet shopping - dMarie Direct when I am in need of even MORE supplies (I don't want to even guess how much I've spent these past couple of years) and, if dMarie doesn't have it...I probably don't need it. They've always had lower prices than my LSS (6 miles away) and it surprises me sometimes when my order comes the very next day!

I have ventured into chatland about a dozen times and when I do I am always greeted warmly by the regulars. My problem is that then I get Sucked into the vortex and my homelife ceases to exist for me because of all the continuing conversations and the warmth of the friendships creating a respite from the daily grind that I never wish to leave. (In other words...It's addicting!)

I do visit Layout Central and Inspiration Segments when I'm stumpped for ideas and I'm amazed at the extensiveness of the creativity of all on the site. (Tho' today while searching for those blasted footballs, I was wishing that there was a little less inspiration - {about 12,000 pages worth!})

I know I will never see everything there is to see on, but for that I am thankful. I will always be able to find something new, bright and fresh each time I log in.

That's what makes this site so special. I've created friendships (even found a roommate for a convention...Hi Buttercup!), and have truely become a better person from visiting. That's why I take my daily dose!

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