Tuesday, April 9, 2002    


DMarie does it better...in every way

By:Abby Ross

When I can find it at dMarie, thatís where I buy it, for any number of reasons.

My favorite thing about dMarie is that when I order, I get it practically before I hit ďSend.Ē
I live 50 miles from the nearest scrapbook store, and I work 100 miles from it. If I decide I want something on a Monday, there is no way I can get it locally before Saturday, and thatís if they have it.

If I order from dMarie on Monday, I always have it before I go home on Friday, and usually it shows up on Wednesday or Thursday.

The selection is great and what I want is usually there.

And, unlike some other net shopping sites, if I want it and dMarie has it, I can find it. The site is beautifully organized and easy to navigate.

I like the layout section, and find the scrapbookers who post there are usually among the best I have seen.

And the message boardsÖwhat fun. Again, I love the way it is organized, easy to navigate, and itís SO much faster than other message boards on the net. And the people are great. No flames, no nastiness (that Iíve ever seen), just people sharing a passion for life and scrapbooking. Itís lots of fun and I spend far too much time there.

Thatís why I love dMarieÖeverything on site with the service is done beautifully well. Itís the way people ought to be able to shop on the net.

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