Wednesday, April 9, 2003    


Scrapbooking - Preserving Precious Memories

By:jeannine s.

My first scrapbooking project was two years ago. We were preparing to celebrate my parent' 50th anniversary, & I told my siblings that I wanted to something more personal than a silver tray, or a plaque. I volunteered to do an album which would chronologically cover their 50 years together.

Little did I know what an immense project I was taking on!! Or how much fun it would be, and how hooked I would be when I was done. What started out as an album, quickly became two, as I found that I couln't cover fifty years of family history in one!! When we all get together, no one ever tires of looking at the albums, and each grandchild loves to find the entire page that was devoted to celebrating their birth! Now scrapbooking has nearly taken over my dining room, and I have so many projects planned!!!

There is no better way to preserve all of the precious memories I have of my own 4 children. Plus when I have completed their own albums, which I will give them when they graduate from college,(the 1st one this May!!)they will always have a visible record of their childhood and family memories. When we talk about things that happened when they were little, they often say that they don't remember, until they see a picture, then suddenly memories start coming back.

Scrapbooking is a way of holding onto those memories, and passing on our family history to future generations.

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