Saturday, May 1, 1999    


Little, Brown, Oval Things - Or: How I spent my Superbowl Weekend!

By:By Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.

Once upon a time there was a website (which for story purposes we will call dMarie). This website was celebrating its' 2 year anniversary of existance with a little contest. There were actually three contests - but the big "Football Hunt" was especially created in honor of the Super Bowl (a game played with a small, brown, oval thing) - occurring at the same time as the anniversary of dMarie's website.

This football hunt was devised to drive scrapbookers all over the world completly bonkers! The object of this game was to find approximately 600 small...brown...oval...things among the gazillion pages on this website. (O.K. so there were only 8,000 or so pages). These footballs had a point value of either 3 or 7 points. (See how it coinsides with football - 3 points = a field goal, 7 = a touchdown). While at the beginning of the quest to find footballs, a certain scrapper - who shall remain nameless - was thrilled at those 3 pointers, did after 18 hours of searching tend to remark "ONLY 3 POINTS????" when chancing upon those small brown oval things!

There were approximately 2500 points available. All you had to do was click on every single Page Topper, Poem and Layout on the site and find those small brown oval thingys in less than 48 hours. Now if you are able to remember any math from school you know : if each page takes X number of seconds to load and you need to search 8000 pages ... you quickly realize that you better plan on doing absolutely nothing else! And if you have to use the it when you're loading one of those pages that have 150 layouts!

So, why did over 100 scrappers ignore home and family during this search? Well, scrappers will NEVER give up the chance at receiving "FREE" scrappin supplies no matter what they have to do! Well, there is probably something but it won't have to do with the Internet.;) Another reason is that we all appreciate everything Mark does and if he is going to hide 600 small brown oval things on his website - well, we are obligated to find them!

Some advice for next year: If you have a slower computer/modem/telephone line, make sure you upgrade before the 3rd anniversary. Because, next year there will probably be twice as many pages to search and Mark will probably hide 1000 of those Small...Brown...Oval...Things!

And like the glutton for punishment I am, I will forget all about the anguish I went through finding those things this year and happily participate next year! This is due to the simple truth - I scrapbook, therefore I am!

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