Monday, May 1, 2000    


You Are Loved...

By:Diana K., Hilton Head, SC

Why Scrapbooking is Important

Since the day you came into our lives on 9/11/97, we could not imagine how much happiness and joy we would find! You are growing and changing so fast and we want every moment to be recorded as a cherished memory forever.
Scrapbooking makes it fun to capture special times or even just the simple things in life on film. It's rewarding to create a special layout to reflect what was happening and to tell the story of what was going on in your life on that particular day!
As I am writing this, you have already taken your first steps, said your abc's, and have now mastered the computer! The next step is mastering the potty chair! And yes, you can just bet there will be pictures of that event too!
We hope you will enjoy these scrapbook albums of your life as much as we've enjoyed making them! Scrapbooking is important to us because it "keeps the memories alive" and each page represents something that we felt you would want to share with your future spouse/children. Recording your "stepping stones" of life now is a way to ensure that you'll be able to someday look back and smile and remember the fun times and know that you are loved.
Mommy & Daddy

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