Thursday, May 1, 2003    


Why do you love scrapbooking?

By:Sheila B.

I love scrapbooking because it allows me to share my life with other people. I love to take picture and go places. For so long, I had to sit next to someone and explain my pictures -- and all the memorabilia was someplace else. Now I can just give someone a scrapbook and they get to see everyone in one place. My children and my childrens' children will now have the opportunity to learn a little about me.

I also love scrapbooking because it allows me to do something creative. I am in a very non-creative job and sometimes I have forgotten how much I love to do just a little creative project. Scrapbooking allows me to be creative and express myself, but I don't have to be too good at it.

I collect so much stuff that it is nice to have everything in one place. I only wish I could find the time to scrapbook more. I do collect a tremendous amount of stuff to do my scrapbooking. I have kept so much from my past that it is nice to have someplace neat and tidy to put it.

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