Wednesday, May 10, 2000    


Me? Creative?

By:T. Longhurst,Ogden, UT

ALmost 6 years ago I finished my first year at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. That whole year I had been camera happy. I took pictures of everything. From jacking up a guys truck as a practical joke to my room mate putting her foot through the wall. College life was never boring. Well, needless to say I had boxes full of pictures. I ended up putting them in photo sleves and then sticking them into a photo album. As I went on to my second year of college once agin the camera came out and another photo album was filled to capacity. As time passed, I realized that I couldn't remember the stories behind all the pictures that had meant so much to me before. My sister, who had been a scrapbooker for year before this, encouraged me to start a scrapbook. I did and have had a great love for it ever since. Each page I do tells a story and helps me remember the important moments of my life. I am now married and have a five month old son. Because of scrapbooking, I now have a way of telling my families life story though pictures. Nothing could be better. I love scrapbooking. It has brought out a creative side I never knew I had in me.

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