Thursday, May 10, 2001    


Why I love scrapbooking

By:Bronwyn P

I've always been an "artsy" person. And I know a lot of people say that when they explain their craftiness. "As a kid I liked to draw…" and all that…blah, blah, blah. But it's true! As a kid, when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I, like most kids, had a list. Scientist, mathematician, musician, artist, etc.--the problem that I realized later on was that I wasn't good enough to be a really great musician or artist. That is partly the reason for not seriously considering either one as a career. Besides that, I was a smart kid and felt like I should go into an "intellectual" career. I enjoyed playing my trumpet in band and singing in chorus, but I didn't have the dedication to practice enough to be good. I enjoyed rubber-stamping and making crafts, but you don't major in that in college; they want you to paint and sketch and sculpt!

I decided to major in biochemistry. I later rethought that decision and changed my major to sociology. I found that learning and thinking about how groups of people interact was much more interesting. All the while I was taking these "smarty-pants" classes, though, I continued to express my creativity through music and craft making. Since graduate school, I haven't had a regular musical outlet, so crafting is the best way for me to express myself these days. My sister introduced me to scrapbooking in July 1999, and I've never been the same. Finally I have found a craft that is worth more than it seems on the surface; it is not just a craft, it's a preservation of my memories. Now I can kill two birds with one stone. I can be creative and make elaborate layouts with fancy lettering and extravagant paperpiecings, and I can save my precious photos along with the great stories that go with them. With my other crafts, (candles, cards, rubberstamping, etc.) they seemed to be crafts made for crafts sake, just decoration; scrapbooking is for the sake of keeping my memories safe. The fact that it supports my crafting addiction is just the icing on the cake!

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