Saturday, May 10, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important?

By:Michelle S. (aka ChelleBelle)

Why is scrapbooking important?

Scrapbooking is SO very important because itís so full of memories. Itís the everyday little things that otherwise would be forgotten. Like the time that Kayleigh drove her Hot Wheels Jeep into the tree or the time that Hannah thought the straw tasted better than the strawberries when we went strawberry picking or the precious 4 generations picture that theyíll both treasure for a lifetime.

Itís all the things that years down the road will be more important than any toy I bought them or any storybook I read to them. Itís their life...their moments. I want to be able to sit down with them when theyíre 40 and look at a picture of them when they were 5 and say "Oh my gosh! I remember this like it was yesterday." instead of sitting down with them and having them ask "Mom, what do you remember about me when I was little?" and having to tell them that I donít remember much.

I can look at the pages and read the stories that I wrote in my own words. I can have the moments jump off the page! Whatís more important than giving your child a tangible reminder of their childhood? As far as Iím concerned...nothing!

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