Thursday, May 11, 2000    


The Importance of Scrapbooking

By:Dee H.

After my grandmother had passed away I joined my mother in the task of sorting through her things. It was a weekend that I will never forget.

I didn't really know too much about my grandmother because while growing up she and my mother had a falling out and they made up just a couple of years before she died.
While going through some boxes I found pictures, postcards, telegraphs and letters, each time asking my mother who was this and where was that. Some she could answer but majority she could not. As I sat there looking at these wonderful links to my past I felt this terrible sense of the lost of knowing. My grandmother was an only child and there was noone left to get these answers I so wanted. Then I ran across this book. It was the baby book for my uncle that died at 11 months. While it had no pictures, she had written such detail about this child and his short life. I sat there reading each page while tears were streaming.

It was then that I knew I had to do something with all the pictures I had in boxes at my house. I didn't want my sons to experience the heartache that I did that weekend. While I tell them that I love them all the time, I think taking the time and recording our lives by scrapbooking will show them and thats why scrapbooking is so very important to me. ~

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