Sunday, May 11, 2003    


The Importance of Scrapbooking to me.

By:Denise W

Scrapbooking to me means "scrapbooking the Past, and the Present, for the Future". In 1985 my first born son turned 1 y/o in June, 11 days later I was in a car accident on my way home from work and my son was killed instantly. Back then I wasn't into scrapbooking, never new what it was until about 2 yrs. ago. I had a years worth only of my son, the last being from his 1yr. birthday. I put them in a magnetic album and that was that. About a year ago, I pulled out the album and almost cried! My pics were turning yellow.

Luckily, I was able to get them out of there with out wrecking them and get them scrapbooked. I didn't have the negatives either. This, to me, has changed my life about scrapbooking. If it wasn't for scrapbooking, I wouldn't have any pics of my first born son, and my two children now, wouldn't be able to know their brother or see what he looked like. I now look at that album and feel such relief and joy and not so much the sadness that I used to feel, I can go back to that time because of the journaling and tell my children about their brother.

I love scrapbooking because it makes me relax and remember the great and not so great memories. It brings out creativeness that I didn't think I had in me.

What I like most about is the ease in finding what I am looking for. It is not complicated, and I have never seen the site down for construction or problems at anytime. It is a user friendly site and I will continue to come back and roam the areas and shop.

Thanks for taking the time and reading my essay on the importance of scrapbooking to me.

Denise W.

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