Wednesday, May 12, 1999    


Scrapping and Match Making


Exactly a year ago, my son and I moved away from all my friends and all my family to an "unknown" job and state. Being a single mom of an 8 year old, this was extremely difficult, but we were up for the challenge.

My "scrapping" friends told me about dMarie, and I started chatting, waaaaay before I even knew what scrapping was!!! But after the many hours of chatting, I knew that scrapping was something fun, exciting and gave the networking of good people that I was looking for.... yet.. I didn't know what it really was.. So, I continued to visit the chat room here at dMarie, and learn first hand about scrapping and all the wonderful people that I had met on-line. I believe I was chatting for a couple of months before my friend started "looking" for a "man" for me in dMarie. Well, that lead to many discussions within dMarie, and one of the ladies had a "single" son, that she said she would trade for scrapbooking materials.... and I thought, this could be interesting, what could it hurt?...

It was fun at first, we all joked about it in dMarie, and had fun with it... but, the joke stopped when we started to email each other, which lead to us meeting...he says it was "love at first site for him" and it was definately close to that for me!! The second time we met, I went to his parents house, and his mother, sisters and sister-in-law introduced my son and I to the world of scrap booking. They have everything, and I was like a kid in a candy store, and instantly fell in love with scrap booking, and his family!! My son and I are addicted to scrappin... and we do it together as much as we can.

We now plan get togethers just for "scrappin", which isn't always easy, because we are 10 hours away....but we manage. It is time we can all spend together, have fun and share ideas, hopes and dreams.

And if you are ever in dMarie, you may hear of the story of "Quest and Camelot"... that is me.. and everyone has planned our wedding, reception and honeymoon... oh, but there isn't one planned, YET!! But as wonderful as the people are in dMarie, they have it all figured out - and of course, we will have a scrapping table at the reception AND the honeymoon. :-)

Scrap booking has given me a new hope for the future, new friends, and family -and has changed my life in the best way possible.

And to think, all I needed was some scrap booking materials, to find the man of my dreams... Who would have ever thought of that!!!!!!

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