Sunday, May 12, 2002    


A Gift For My Daughters

By:Tracy B

I started out as a young bride. I got married only four days after my high school graduation, because my husband, Doug, was in the Army, stationed 1700 miles away.

Six days before our first anniversary, I gave birth to our first daughter, Sherri; and nearly two years later, our second daughter, Ashley, was born. By this time, my husband's military time was over, and we were a struggling young family trying very hard to make those ends meet. You could tell this, because there were lots of pictures of Sherri, and hardly any of Ashley.

I came from a good family. My wonderful parents gave me a lot. For years, I fretted over whether I was being as good of a parent to my girls as my parents were to me. I sure didn't think I was measuring up, so I prayed about it. God must have been listening, because he took the hobbies that I love most, and put them together in a new hobby that I discovered, called scrapbooking.

Through scrapbooking, I was able to put the pictures that I loved to take of my family and put them in a safe haven. I was able to journal the stories of my daughters on the pages, adding how much each daughter means to me in special ways. And, future generations will see how much we cherish one another. The special gift of scrapbooking is really a gift for all of us. I learned that I had lots to give my daughters. And I believe I am a better parent because of it, thanks to this wonderful hobby.

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