Tuesday, May 13, 2003    


Scrapbooking the Moments

By:Becky Meadows

Falling in love with scrapbooking was easy. It was like looking into the eyes of your new baby and instantly knowing 'this' will change your life. Scrapbooking keeps those we love near to us, even though they may be far away or passed on. We can relive the most precious memories through our creative scrapbook pages. Turning the pages of a lovingly created scrapbook is actually a healing process. Creating the scrapbook is the first step of the healing process. WHen we lose someone we love, whether it is a father, mother, child or friend-when we scrapbook about our loved one we remember. We remember the wonderful times, the love we shared and that person is with us still.

Scrapbooking has changed my life because it has made me look at my world much differently. I always saw beauty in my child's hands or a quilt my mom lovingly made, but I never took pictures of these precious things until scrapbooking touched my life.

Part of scrapbooking is fulfilling the collector in all of us. Some of us collect 'thing', ticket stubs, ribbons, certificates, etc. Others collect "memories". But if we don't put those memories in a form that others can see, once we are gone those memories are lost forever. Scrapbooks help bridge the gap between our memories and those who follow us.

Scrapbooking can heal you, change your life and fulfill many needs. A wonderful way to add to your scrapbooking is with beautiful, heartfelt poems. DMarie has been the inspiration for numerous wonderful scrapbook pages. The poems in DMarie can made you cry, smile and immediately fire up the printer.

Scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for me and my inspiration? DMarie!

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