Sunday, May 14, 2000    


Taking the chore out of preserving my past

By:Heather Maxwell

Scrapbooking is such a wonderful craft and has quickly become my main hobby. I love that my boring photos albums with those dreadful sticky pages that turned everything yellow are now instead have been transformed into a beautiful, accessible account of my life and my memories. Scrapbooking also provides me with an outlet for my creativity that I can also share with friends. It is such great fun to invite a group of fellow scrappers over to work on our layouts. We talk, inspire each other, we share memories.

I am so relieved to get my photos organized in a safe, easy to find way. So many photos have been saved and memories recorded that would otherwise have been lost. My children will be able to look back on their childhood photos and delight in the records of their first home, their birthday parties, old childhood friends, etc. How I wish my childhood photos were not still buried in a box somewhere in a basement or a closet at my mother's. It will take years to sort them all and to determine who is photographed, when the photos were taken, etc. I fell as if the scrapbooks I am creating now are my gift to my future and to my future generations.

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