Monday, May 14, 2001    


A Page a Day Keeps the Acid Away!

By:Mary-Claire G.

The first time I picked up a copy of a scrapbooking magazine I was blown away! THIS was what I was trying to do with my albums (unfortunately it was the yucky, yellowing, magnetic albums). I quickly remedied that, by removing and labeling my pictures, and went on to learn that the purpose of scrapping is not only to make your pictures look pretty, but to preserve your memories and turn them into treasures to be enjoyed time after time, day after day.

As I perused that magazine, my boggling eyes took note of all the perfect papers, stunning stickers, stellar stamps, and totally awesome toys, I mean tools. And all of these were not just for fun (although that definitely helps!), but important means to keeping my photos and memories in an archivally safe environment for the enjoyment of myself, and anyone else I could cajole into looking at my albums.

To me the most important thing about scrapping is keeping special times and memories intact and alive. The thrill of the chase to get the latest and greatest products on the market runs a very close second! Whether someone does wonderfully elaborate pages, or simple pages, the most important thing about scrapping is to label those photos, and journal the events and memories surrounding the people and places that you chose to photograph, because that person/event/or place is special to you. I'd like to say that I utilize my title for my motto, but unfortunately that's a far cry from how many pages I actually do. Each page that I complete, however, is a few less photos that will go unidentified, and a few more memories to share, laugh over, or cry over in the future.

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