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By:Jessie Cormier, Lafayette, LA

I love scrapbooking because it is a hobby that is more than a pastime -- it preserves photographs in a meaningful way. Before I learned about creative scrapbooking, I rarely put my photos in pocket-page type albums because I was dissatisfied with it. I knew something was missing but I didn't know what it was. So most of my photos went back in the envelope and into a box or drawer. Now, I am not only preserving my photographs for my husband and I to enjoy in our old age, but the experiences will be recorded as well! Scrapbooking is also a satisfying process because it provides a reason and a purpose for my creativity. There is so much variety of supplies, methods and themes that I'm certain I'll never get bored.

I have always enjoyed photography -- not that I understand (or want to understand) the intricacies of shutter speeds, and such. But now I am learning composition, and look for interesting scenes to capture on film. Taking photographs and the resulting albums have also become the most important souvenir of any trip we take. How many souvenir t-shirts and magnets do I need anyway? Photographs and scrapbooks are more important to me.

One day, after my husband and I are gone, our possessions will be sorted and distributed among our descendants. I believe that the most important legacy we can leave to our children and their children are organized, narrated and creative photo albums. We will be remembered and our lives celebrated.

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