Wednesday, May 15, 2002    


How has scarpbooking and dMarie changed my life?

By:Lori H.

I first stumbled onto dMarie in September 1999. I was laid off the first of August. Shortly after I found out I was to be laid off DH decided we should divorce. I was in a very depressed state.

Within 3 weeks of my lay off and moving back to Oklahoma I purchased a computer and was online. For 2 months I barely left the house. I had been introduced several years earlier to scrapbooking.One day I was doing a search for scrapbooking sites and wandered into a chat room of all places. Never would I have thought I would become one of those people addicted to online chatting. Little did I know I had found a new home. I had no idea what name to go in under.

Who was I? Well, I thought my kids and my granddaughters are the biggest part of my life so I went in as OKGramma.

I've gone up and down with my involvement depending on how active my life is at the moment. But I know I have a group of sisters online waiting for me anytime I need them. Over the past couple of years I've laughed and cried with my dMarie friends. For me they have taken me through a divorce, a birth of a dear granddaughter, and many other of life's everyday joys and trials. We've shared births and deaths, marriages and divorce. We have had a place to come for uplifting and for inspiration. We have even gone on several cyber trips together!!!

I never would have imagined that a group of ladies, who I have never met, could become such a part of my life. All that got me through a very difficult time in my life was my family and my newfound cyber friends. And of course my Lord and Savour first and foremost. God is good. I believe He allowed me to become a part of this wonderful group of ladies. I am grateful that He guided to find this website.

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