Thursday, May 16, 2002    


dMarie - A Memory In Itself

By:Lyn Meeker

While cruising through this website this weekend - looking for those little brown oval things - (And I say this every year, but, will someone remind me next year that I shouldn't look for them?) . . . Anyway, while cruisin' I went into the archives of dMarie daily! What a wonderful experience it was! Of course I was slowed down in my hunt for those oval thingies, but, it was a trip down memory lane! I came upon all of my old essay's from previous bowls and I reminessed (I know that's spelled wrong!) about my broken finger, my odes to footballs, and my addiction to scrapbooking.

I also found some of the most wonderful essay's and many made me cry. Several of the essay's were written by wonderful ladies that we don't see around picture talk anymore - although they may still be lurking within the depths of this site!

I don't often check dMarie daily (I used to - but I got into the habit of clicking on picture talk as soon as the main menu appeared). I plan on getting back on the program and frequent it on a daily basis. It's inspiring, thought provoking and sometimes a little silly (well, at least my essay's were!)

One thing this weekend proved to me - there's a lot more to dMarie than Picture Talk and Shopping. Although if Mark is keeping track of my spending habits - which are still divided between two different emails, he could probably vouch that I have spent a considerable amount of time in the online store! (Not to mention the cash - I don't want to even hazard a guess as to how much I have spent here! But it was worth every penny!)

I guess what I want to say to sum up these ramblings is that I come to dMarie on a daily basis because I know that no matter how tough of a day I've had or am having, I can ALWAYS find something that will cheer me right up - and I usually don't have to hunt for it, like those aforementioned "little brown oval thingies".

Thanks Mark and Donna Marie for a wonderful 6 years of pure delight!

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