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Tuesday Night Thereapy Sessons

By:Laurie in IA

Day to day we never know who we will meet, and often think nothing of chance encounters. The mother of two pushing a stroller at the mall, the dad walking hand and hand with his son, or the couple playing with their kids at the playground. It was a couple at the playground that changed my life.
It was a gorgeous day in September, 1998. My DH and I took our 2 girls to a southside park, nowhere near our house but a great park next to a lake. We were watching our 2 climb and slide, my youngest doing her best to keep up with sister. She had no fear, 15 months old and climbing the ladders. Another mom on the playground couldn't help but admire her determination, and share with me that her youngest had the same personality. We chatted about the weather, nothing important, but then someone made a comment about pumpkin patch pictures, and life has never been the same. Her husband dropped his head, mine just sighed, and we couldn't stop talking! She told me of a small scrapbooking store, in a location I would have never thought to look in, and mentioned crop nights. We had 2 young children and this sounded like a good opportunity for me to get out a bit, have some personal time.
I was never the type of person to jump into something new, but I figured if anything I could go to the crop and focus on my book. I gathered my box of materials and that night met a wonderful group of women who chatted more than scrapped, and were a lot of fun to visit with. One crop turned into every Tuesday night (dubbed my "Tuesday night therapy sessions"), and suddenly became an important part of my life. The mother on the playground became a wonderful friend, and that one chance encounter developed into many other friendships, an addiction to scrapbooking, and books and books of memories that all have my personal touch. Our children have become friends, we've discovered the joys of dmarie, art swaps and the the husbands still sigh and drop their heads (will they ever get it?!?!?!). Scrapbooking has become a part of my life, it has changed my life, and it has given me my Tuesday night therapy sessions!!!!

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