Friday, May 18, 2001    


Why I Scrapbook

By:Nicole K.

I have always loved taking pictures and have accumulated many photos in my 30 years. In addition, I have always loved crafts; I used to live for Tuesdays in elementary school because that is when the Art teacher would visit and take us on adventures made from clay, paint, and (acid filled) construction paper. I have always thought of myself as creative and have needed an outlet for that creativity in some form ever since I can remember.

When I first learned of "modern" scrapbooking (in 1998)(I know, I was living under a rock!) I hestitated getting embarking on a new craft medium. Like most people, I live on a budget and even with careful shopping, scrapbooking looked like it could use up my spare pennies in no time.

When I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first scrapbook supplies (from Current, I was not yet online...), the obsession began! All other forms of crafting have taken a back seat to scrapbooking and make only rare appearances. What began as a creative outlet has now evolved into a personal journey.

Scrapbooking allows me to relive my life a snapshot at a time. As I spend hours pouring over photos, the most surprising memories come back to me! As I look through my completed pages, a sense of value, worth, and fulfillment of my life's purpose warm my heart. And, as we all know, money is not the most important thing in life. The materials invested in creating a scrapbook are worth their weight in gold.

I am beginning my third year as a scrapbooker, and I could never go back to my pre-scrapping days. All the little things would pass by, unnoticed; the richness and meaning added to my days by scrapbooking are immeasurable.

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