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The impact of scrapbooking and dMarie on me :)

By:Nancy K.

I was introduced to scrapbooking several years ago by my dear friend, Kim. I was visiting her from out-of-town when she showed me the wonderful pages she was creating as a heritage for her children and a celebration of their lives. I had always kept my family pictures in, dare I say it, those nasty, acid-laden "magnetic" albums, but by her example, Kim convinced me to try this craft.

When we arrived back home after our visit, I went to the hall closet to pull out my albums and look over my situation. Talk about miraculous timing! Our airconditioner pan had begun overflowing and the water was creeping down the wall inside the closet towards our carpeting, and closer yet, towards our irreplacable pictures, including my ultra-expensive professional wedding album. I decided that God might be trying to tell me to get on the stick and do something better with my pictures, so I did!

I went to the closest craft store (45 miles away), and purchased some very basic items - acidfree paper, glue and a paper cutter. I came home, sorted our most recent set of photos into a comprehensible order (I had gotten a little lazy about organizing my photos even into the "bad" books!), and began a scrapbook of our time in the small town of Iola, Texas. You see, my husband is a Baptist minster, and the average stay of a Baptist minister is approximately 2 and one half to 3 years at one church. His ministry is what had moved us out of Houston, where Kim and our families all live, and to the tiny town of Iola.

I soon completed that album, and went back into ancient history and began chronologically from the beginning of our courtship and marriage. About the time I had managed to scrap my way up the years to our time in Iola, God moved us to another, somewhat larger, Texas town.

Since that time, I have completed a total of 8 albums, including one for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and one for a wonderful principal for whom I worked upon his retirement. The teachers all contributed memories for his book, and one or two of them even decided to be brave, and do their own page (their very first attempts). We now have a group of up to 10 teachers and a couple of daughters that meet regularly to scrap together. With all of our school activities and children, we don't all get to meet all the time, but we love to get together and bounce ideas and inspire one another. We also love to shop together - we have made a couple of road trips to larger towns to hit scrapbook stores. Since we don't have anything like that close, I am especially appreciative of and the service you offer. (Here's the testimonial - - - ) Your prices are great and your service is the best of any online store I've used. I know that wherever God moves us in the future - even if it's a place with "real" scrapbook stores, I will still use dMarie.

Thank you for the opportunity to share why I love to scrapbook, and why I love dMarie!

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