Friday, May 19, 2000    


Why do love scrapbooking?

By:Barbara S. (barb)

Why do I love scrapbooking? Because I can go into the chick-filet and mention wishing that i had remembered my camera to a stranger and before lunch is over realize a common interest in scrapbooking with several months later becoming constant scrap companions.

Why do i love scrapbooking? Because I can go to a super- crop alone and not even be nervous, because I know that before an hour has passed I will be surrounded by people all discussing kids, adoption, family, school and maybe even scrapbooking, and not be alone any more.

Why do I love scrapbooking? Because i can discover an internet site when i have never been to one before, or wanted to for that matter, and learn more about computers and how they operate in six months than i had ever known.

Why do i love scrapbooking? Because it can help me to realize that the world is big, yet small..... to know that i can make friends with people from australia to japan to belgium, crossing the age, race and looks barrier..... and to be reassured by just how kind and generous people still are.

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