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By:Linda Slabaugh (Lynn Wc aka Linda)

About two years ago, I decided that I had to start scrapbooking. My aunt showed me scrapbooks she had made during World War II and I was hooked. As luck would have it that is also about the time my dh decided that we needed a new computer. I went searching for scrapbook sites and arrived at dmarie. It is my one and only scrapbook site.

I can come to dmarie and talk to my friends, ask a question and get an immediate answer, have a cyber-birthday party, a cyber trip to Australia and so much more. I have made so many friends at this site. PictureTalk is my source of wealth in friends, prayers, information, laughing (til my sides split and my family says "Oh she is at dmarie again!")

I have found inspiration, how to do many different techniques and styles of scrapbooking, what is safe, what is not safe. I have laughed and I have cried. I have given my opinion and gotten the opinions of others. I have prayed and been prayed for.

I have met some of the most wonderful people in the world due to dmarie. One night over a year ago, I was laughing and carrying on in Chatland. Our e-group was born that night. It has also been a source of wealth for me, and I only was able to join it because I found dmarie.

One of the highlights of the Great American Scrapbook Convention was the dmarie get together. Oh it was fun and I can hardly wait until spring comes and the next one is in the works. I know I will make new friends and continue friendships that were formed last year. I wore my dmarie badges proudly at the convention and I told dozens of people about this site. I wrote for many of them. I thought maybe I should ask for a commission, but I have been paid in so many ways by Mark and Donna.

This is the best internet gift I received and my family has gained too, I have found wonderful advice on parenting, recipes to try, and oh yes I keep my kids from being computer hogs cause I am one. Thank you Mark and Donna for letting me share my good thoughts with everyone about this wonderful site. Congratulations for four years and may we have many more.

Lynn Wc aka Linda

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