Monday, May 19, 2003    


How Scrapbooking Helped Me Survive, Adapt and Adjust


We weren't looking to move. We hadn't even considered it in the last several months. We had a two year old little girl and a baby boy that was only about six monts old. But God had different plans for us.

My husband got a phone call asking him to interview for a job that was about a four hour drive from where we were living. He thought he would go, interview, and be back at work the next day with no changes. Again, we know Who is in control. He was offered a great job with a great salary in a nice town. He accepted it on the drive home. He needed to start in three weeks.

We didn't really know anyone in the area, but that was about to change. A friend of a friend was introduced - She turned out to be a Creative Memories Consultant. She began inviting me over and we cropped many times before our house even sold in our old home town. Through her, I met so many people, got involved in playgroups for both of the kids and joined a great church. All of this because we had scrapbooking in common.

I was so blessed to meet someone who made me and my family feel so welcome and comfortable in a new place. I was so concerned about moving to a new place and adjusting to a new environment. I never needed to worry. Most of my friends here have to be reminded that I wasn't here a couple of years ago when Amy had that party or Sarah had the miscarriage when they talk about things like that. I have to give my hobby of scrapbooking much credit for being able to adapt and adjust in a new town in such a short amount of time.

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