Sunday, May 2, 1999    


Who is that little girl in the picture?

By:Sandee, Indiana

As I turned the pages of my old photo album, studying the pictures of me that represent my childhood, I knew that something was missing. I saw pictures of a little girl that I knew was me, but I knew little about her.

Yes, my parents have told me a few things about what I was like as a young girl, but what about these pictures? Unfortunately, my mother does not remember all of the details of many of these snapshots of my childhood. What is the story behind this picture of me standing outside in a freshly ironed white dress and pinafore? Why am I standing outside completely drenched with water in this other picture? (I'm guessing my older brother had something to do with that). How I wish that I had stories to go along with the many pictures of my childhood.

I am lucky enough to have discovered the joys of scrapbooking early enough to ensure that I capture the precious moments of my children's lives. Scrapbooking enables me to document our family history. Every page of every scrapbook that I complete is a slice of our life. How wonderful it is to go back through those pages again and again and relive the memories. By including journaling along with the pictures in my family's scrapbooks, I am ensuring that our lives will not be forgotten. My children will know the details of their lives. My children will remember the things that we did as a family. My children will know that they were loved.

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