Thursday, May 2, 2002    



By:Amy W

Sometimes I wonder if I'm losing my mind. I have an unexplained desire to spend money on things I don't need. But, I may need them SOMEDAY!

I find myself driving across town on a weekly basis to check out the local craft and scrapbook store, just to see if there is anything new. Oh, there's new camping paper? I think I'll buy a few sheets. The clerk asks "do you do a lot of camping?". I say no, but I might need this SOMEDAY!

The latest craze is embellishments so I scour the local dollar store, hardware store, and craft store for anything that might work in my scrapbook. Hmmm, there's some garden twine. I think I'll pick that up and these fishing lures might be really cute on that camping paper. Do I fish? No, but I might need these SOMEDAY!!

So, yes my scrapbook supplies are growing by the minute and I'm running out of room to store all of them. But the greatest thing has happened. I think I've found a solution! I now scrap and scrap and scrap like a mad woman to use up these things I have. And SOMEDAY, I may use them all, and in my quest to use these things, my scrapbook pages are getting finished. My children will thank me for this, SOMEDAY.

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