Tuesday, May 20, 2003    


Scrapbooking is Important to Me because....

By:Denise McClung

Even though I have not been scrapbooking that long (1 year)and I have a hard time creating layouts and I often end up going back and changing pages I have already completed, I absolutely cherish it. In the beginning, I was scrapping in order to create a record of my children's first years, but as I went along, I came to realize I wanted more from it.

I now want to create a record of my life to pass along to my children. I want them to know how I grew up, things I did (good and bad!), how I met their father and what our life was like before we had them. Most importantly, I want them to know about their heritage, their roots. I want them to know about their great-grandparents and how important they were in my life.

I really regret not knowing more about my grandparents, how they grew up and about their life experiences. I don't want that to happen to my children with their grandparents. Right now they have a close relationship with their 3 living grandparents and I want to document every minute of it. I also intend to create an album on each gp chronicalling their life and hopefully that of their parents. Scrapbooking is important to me because I feel the albums I create will be a family treasure to my children 20 years from now.

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