Sunday, May 21, 2000    


"Passion for Pics"


Scrapbooking has become a very important part of my life in the past year. Although I had heard about it, saw it demonstrated on TV, and saw the supplies in hobby and craft stores (I never even knew such a thing as a scrapbook store existed!), I wasn't sure I was ready to tackle it. I'm famous for getting involved in some kind of craft or hobby, buying everything I need to do it, and then I don't do anything with it. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me with this hobby. I could tell that it would be an expensive venture if I ever got going on it!

Then one day we got our computer hooked up to the Internet! WOW!!! I had no idea there was so much information on the 'net about scrapbooking! It wasn't very long before I discovered dMarie and very cautiously entered the chat room! (What would my husband think if he knew I was CHATTING on the Internet?!?). That was about March or so of last year and there have been very few days that I haven't been back! Everyone at dMarie was so helpful and encouraged me to follow my dream of doing a scrapbook!

Since starting scrapbooking, I have realized the value of preserving our family heritage. Everyone in the family has been involved in one way or another as I prepare to do a family heritage album. I feel a sense of closeness to my family that didn't seem to exist before, because I'm asking questions, like when did you live here, when did you live there, when did grandpa leave to go overseas for the war, how long was he gone, what did the family do while he was gone, etc. etc. Unfortunately, all of my grandparents have passed away now and I am relying on my parents and aunts and uncles for information, but we're all having fun remembering and looking at the pictures!

I also get a sense of accomplishment just from completing a page! I can only imagine what it will be like to actually finish a whole scrapbook!!

I have really realized the importance of keeping a scrapbook. After all, it's the story of your life and those of other members of your family, and your friends! It tells all! I have also looked at photography in a whole different way. I used to get so angry with my mom because every time you turned around, she wanted a picture of this and that! Now, it's me saying, "Get the camera out! That would be great in the scrapbook!! I used to get angry with her for keeping so much "junk"! That "junk" now fits nicely in memorabilia holders and adds so much to an album. Why, I even have one of my mom's report cards from about the 4th or 5th grade! And all of her college transcripts!

I guess in general I would have to say that I love scrapbooking because it is so much fun and there is soooooo much a person can do because of all the techniques there are and all the fancy toys!

Also, scrapbooking is so important because it is a wonderful way to preserve the family heritage. It's one thing to put pictures in a photo album, but it's another thing to do it properly (acid/lignin-free of course!) and journal!! You need to know who was in the picture, where it was taken, and when! I truly believe that my niece and nephew (I don't have any kids) and their kids, and so on and so on, will be able to look back at these scrapbooks and be thankful that someone like me took the time and energy to record their past, and I hope that they will continue to do it in the future for the benefit of their children!

Last of all, the hobby of scrapbooking has really got the family ties tighter! We are paying more attention to the past and present, in preparation for those beyond us so they will know who we were! We aren't just thinking of ourselves anymore - we realize that there will be others after us and that it is important for them to know whom we were so they will know where they came from!

And I have dMarie to thank for providing me with the courage (thanks to everyone's encouragement!) to forge ahead with my new-found "passion for pics".

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