Monday, May 21, 2001    



By:Angie M.

In our busy lives sometimes we set scrapbooking aside for a while- sometimes it is very hard to sit down and get into the spirit to put together our books. It seems the longer we go without scrapping, the more we put it off. This is what has happened to me recently. I was looking forward to this weekend very much to see what would come up with this year as I had participated last year.

I was thrilled to be able to hunt for all the footballs as I had missed out on that before- along the way something began to happen. As I was on the hunt for all the footballs, I began to read. I searched through dmarie daily- there are some very moving and heartwarming stories to be read- I also searched through poem place- as I was searching, I couldn't help but read some of the poems along the way- trying to pick out ones I would like to use in the future and tuck them away in my mind.

And lastly I searched through page toppers- this put more things in motion in my mind- the scrapbooking sentimental mood was beginning to set in- I have truly enjoyed my hunt for the footballs although I know that I in no way came anywhere near winning- to me I was definately a winner.

Over the next weeks, I will be re-reading all I saw during my hunt- this time being able to slow down and savor every moment and save every poem, etc. I will be using in my own albums. For this I give a great big thank you to Mark and for their part in this and also to everyone who has submitted to the site. I urge every one of you to hunt for footballs also- (even if they are no longer anywhere to be found)- I guarantee it will be inspiration for the scrapbookers soul.

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