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By:Jan Feltz

I never thought I had any artistic ability until I found scrapbooking. Although I had plenty of art supplies as a child, exposure to eight years of an elementary school art teacher with rigid ideas of what "getting it right" meant led me to believe I had no talent. By the time I reached high school, I no longer selected art classes as electives -I didn't think of art as fun. As a young adult, I enjoyed needlework, and believed I had found my niche when I produced lovely items of cross-stitched and needlepointed art. Still, I never even tried to design my own pieces, but simply followed patterns created by others, using the colors and stitches suggested.

Three years ago, a friend invited me to a Creative Memories party. I had seen my friend's scrapbooks, but had dismissed the hobby as one of those things for "creative" people - something I wouldn't be good at. Still, I was intrigued by the process, and thought it would be fun to "just watch". The metamorphosis that began that day was incredible. I made my first page at the party, but I insisted on help to make sure I was "getting it right". Before long, however, I was making gorgeous pages that were all my own. I just couldn't believe how this hobby released all the creative juices I never thought I'd possessed. From scrapping I crossed over to rubber stamping, dabbling in watercolor, colored pencil art and chalks. I even signed up for classes to learn new techniques and ideas.

Scrapbooking has indeed changed my life. I now know that I AM creative, imaginative and artistic. In my little art corner in my family room, the artist within me has finally emerged - and I'm "getting it right" all the time.

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