Wednesday, May 22, 2002    


Why I love Scrapbooking

By:Mercedes G.

There have to be a million reasons why I love scrapbooking, but I will try to keep it down to just a few reasons. One because it gives me a chance to showcase my pictures in a new, ever-changing format that everyone who sees them enjoys. Two, because I have a chance to see my family history growing in front of my eyes. And three because I have made many good friends while tackling the task of scrapbooking.

When I started scrapbooking four years ago it was because I went to a Creative Memories class with a box full of pictures from a snowmobiling trip that we had taken. Having no children I did not think that this would be the hobby for me, but I was wrong! I went home that night with two completed pages and a plan in my head to do the rest of the pictures. I was sure my husband was going to shoot the hobby dead the minute he saw my pages, but (to my surprise) he told me I could go ahead and do more. Over the next few months he became a willing participant in my scrapbooking as I actually staged picture shots so that I could do this layout or that layout! I even went so far as to scrapbook the pictures from my car wreck. Well it's been four years now, and (eight albums later) he still loves my scrapbooks and so does everyone else who sees them. What my husband likes the best about my scrapbooks is that he can go back and "relive" something that we did, making so that he does not forget what happened and also he likes that the pages are exciting and not boring.

I have gotten a chance through scrapbooking to actually also explore my family history. About seven months ago I actually tackled the task of scrapbooking my own baby pictures. Not a single picture was labeled so it took countless hours on the phone with my mother, but I finally got them all in a SAFE album. Only problem, she wants them back now that they are on nice pages.

Lastly I most enjoy my scrapbooking because I have made many great friends through the hobby. In fact, the majority of them I met here at dmarie in Chatland. These people aren't just scrapping buddies, they are my friends. They are the people who understand my hobby and actually help me with it.

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