Thursday, May 22, 2003    


I love scrapbooking because......

By:Dianna Brady

I am a Deputy Sheriff for the County that I live in. My job is very stressful and demanding, as most are. I work 12 hour shifts, and find it hard to spend enough time with my daughters, Jordan, 11, and Erin, 9. We started scrapbooking several months ago, and it has really changed everything.

As we go through old photos from their baby and toddler years, I tell them stories that go along with the pictures. My father passed several years ago, and this has a wonderful was for the girls to remember him and that things we did together. I have every-other weekend off, so on Saturday night we have our scrapbooking night.

We move the coffee table and spread everything out of the living room floor. I feel closer to my girls that I think that I ever have. I am very thankful for your website because we get great ideas and wonderful items. We especially love the 3-D stickers. So thank you for playing such am important role in our family.

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