Thursday, May 23, 2002    


I am addicted!!!

By:Shelly Bel Air, MD

My entire life has changed since I started scrapbooking 6 years ago. I am addicted! I have changed the way I do so many things! Let me give you some examples:

I don't take pictures the same way. Now I not only take pictures for EVERY event, such as haircuts, soccer games, sleeping, eating...etc, I take a roll or two for each event. I want to make sure that I capture the right pictures for my scrapbook. The camera is always out and ready.

Not only do I take oodles of pictures, I plan my picture taking around things that I can scrapbook. If I get a good idea from a magazine or the net, I pose my kids and do the page. Or, if I just bought a new page topper or punch, I simply have to find a way to use it. That is because I only buy things that I need or am going to use.

I don't look at the world the same. Now instead of just looking, I look with a purpose. How can I apply everything I see to make the ultimate scrapbook page? Or, how can I incorporate what I see in my scrapbooks?

Scrapbooking has also changed my life, right here in my house. I no longer have a dining room. It is a scrapbook room. OUr guests can eat in the kitchen like we always do, is what I figure. My hutch is now a scrapbook supply closet. My table a huge work space. It is just great!!!

Although scrapbboking has altered my life, and my house, my family doen't seem to mind. They look at my albums on a regular basis. My husband even shows my work to friends ( and I don't pay him or ask him too!! ). My parents look forward to seeing the new pages when they come to visit. So, it is all very worthwhile! They don't think that I am crazy, just ADDICTED!!

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