Friday, May 24, 2002    


Why is Scrapbooking Important

By:Mercedes G.

Well, to me scrapbooking is important because I am preserving my memories in a safe, creative way. My family has boxes upon boxes of pictures that are almost ruined from unsafe boxes, so many of them are pictures that cannot be restored and cannot be replaced.

Having moved around quite a bit in my life I know how memories can get lost and the people in your photographs can become strangers if you do not write down who actually is in the picture. Without scrapbooking you normally do not do this.

Also it's important because it tells the story of you and your family and the ongoing things that affect you. My husband doesn't have the best memory, in fact he has a pretty bad memory for a man who is only twenty eight years old!

So by being able to go back and look at my scrapbooks he can remember the people in the pictures as well as what we were all doing. It also gives us a chance to honor our relatives that have already passed when we do heritage pages and family trees we are telling their story as well as ours and preserving it for future generations.

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