Saturday, May 24, 2003    


How Has Scrapbooking Changed My Life

By:Tiare S.

Hmmmmm? Well what can I say?
I scrapbook all night and scrapbook all day.
I forget about my husband and neglect my chores.
Answer the phone? Oh, what a bore!
I preach it. I teach it! It is simply the best.
I opened my own business, now that was a test.
While at work, I dream of it in front of my computer screen.
Of papers and punches and creating new themes.
Each day I can't wait til the clock strikes four.
I say goodnight to my coworkers and head straight for the door.
I hop in the car and rush home and then...
I hurry myself to my scraproom again.
As my husband would say, "You're a great scrapper and wonderful wife. However, I realize that scrapbooking is KING in your life."

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