Saturday, May 25, 2002    


Moving Away!


I have scrapped alone for 3 years until this past August. Then I discovered the dMarie website and being the curious person that I am I entered the chatroom!

In the room I've made many friends that I continue to chat with. I loved chatting, but in January it became even more special to have my dMarie friends!

You see, in January, I moved to Memphis- about 300 miles away from my friends and family. I knew my fiance and a couple of his friends and noone else. I escaped to the chat room to chat with people that I knew. They kept my spirits up through a job hunt and cheered me on when I found my job. They have pepped me up after a long day and made me feel like I didn't leave all my friends when I moved!

I am an avid scrapper and this group of women has kept me on my toes with new techniques to try and swaps to get involved with. Without them I would have never done any of the new things that I've been trying. They are so helpful and encouraging!

So to all that I've met before and the ones that I have yet to meet- YOU'RE THE BEST!!

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