Sunday, May 25, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important

By:Julie F.

Funny thing is that I have always kept scrapbooks of one type or another. I never thought about the safety of the albums or the pages I committed my special things to but I kept them just the same. Places I'd been, things I'd seen.
One album after another of the memories of the things that made me who I am. I can remember making a scrapbook in grade school of John Kennedy's life and sending it off to Washington D.C. when he was killed.

I made an album for my dad when he turned 60 and my mom years later when she turned 75, but when I was introduced to this type of safe and creative scrapbooking I found a way to make sure that the boxes of photos with nameless people in them to haunt my daughter the way the pictures of my grandparents haunt me. I found a way to use my talent and be creative.

And today of all days as we watch another huge event in American history play out in our lives I know it will be important to keep those little bits of history for my daughter and eventually for her children.

It creates a sense of continuity between generations, a way to pass on the whyere we came from as a headlight for where we are going.

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