Monday, May 26, 2003    


Why Is Scrapbooking Important

By:Andrea S.

Someone once said that any life worth living is worth recording. And I've found that to be true, especially as I've gotten older. Let's face it, I scrap because it's fun, but it can fulfill a very important function in our lives. It reminds us that our lives are worth recording.

I have done albums for non scrappping friends and I am touched by how much my gift means to them. They are so excited that those memories that would be lost to the mists of time are preserved.
I recently sent a small baby album to one such friend. She and her husband had experienced some infertility problems initially.

I recorded all the things they wanted to remember, focusing on what a blessing and a miracle their lovely new son was. She told me that when she and her husband got my gift in the mail, they sat and poured over it together, crying and feeling blessed all over again. She told me that having the album will make it much easier for them to explain to their son when he is older. They want him to understand what his parents were like when they were young and wanted a family so very much.

They want him to understand that no matter how many disagreements they have, or how much they get on one another's nerves that he was the most wanted child the world has ever known and that nothing will change that.

I am so honored and humbled to have been able to help my friends with this special part of their lives. When I started scrapping I had no idea that it would be a way for me to show my friends and family how very much I love them.

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