Monday, May 27, 2002    


What I like most about!!!

By:Mercedes G.

One word...CHATLAND!!! Where else can you meet up with your friends at any time of the day or night and talk about your favorite subject? Where else can you make friends with someone across the country or even across the ocean without leaving the safety of your own home?

I love chatland, it was my first stop when I first started visiting dmarie about a year ago. I have an extensive list of friends that share my same interests and are willing to help me with any problem. I can still scrapbook without missing out on conversation because of the handy reload button and when I get tired I can hit "POOF" and go to bed.

I have actually spoken with some of the ladies I chat with on the telephone because we have become such good friends. When I'm happy they are happy for me and when I'm sad they are sad for me. We share all of our triumphs and joys as we sit in front of the computer.

Many a baby has been announced in chatland and also many other things that we all enjoy. The only thing that we are wishing for now...that chatland be included in dmarie bowl VI!!!! We want in on the fun too Mark! But seriously we love chatland and will never leave because it's the one place where "everyone knows your name."

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: How Scrapbooking has Changed my life, by Mercedes G.

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