Tuesday, May 28, 2002    


How Scrapbooking has Changed my life

By:Mercedes G.

Before scrapbooking I was just taking pictures, they really didn't have any meaning to me. I would take a few shots but it really wasn't important to me if I forgot the camera when we went somewhere.

NOW if the camera is not with us...I'm in for trouble or someone else is in for trouble because I always seem to find some reason to be taking pictures! I owned one camera when I started scrapbooking...now I own four! People think I am crazy because I have one camera loaded with color film and one camera loaded with black and white film! I have a two digital cameras that both always have batteries charged and ready to go. And I always have a page idea in mind before we even set out to go somewhere. In fact most often I even know what I want to take pictures of.

Currently I am working on a scrapbook of me being pregnant for our first child who is due to arrive in July. It may sound funny to you but I want my child to see what I went through to bring him or her into this world and how our lives changed as we waited for their arrival.

And of course there will be many many pages of their arrival in their very first scrapbook too! They will be the source of constant chatter in chatland and I'm sure they will also be the subject of a few posts in Picture Talk! But now I look at live as a constant scrapbooking opportunity instead of something I am just doing.

Before I started scrapbooking I took maybe 2-3 pictures at a given event...now I take 2-3 rolls of pictures at a given event! A simple picnic can turn into a 2 page spread...a camping trip can turn into a 50 page album! The possibilities are endless and I love exploring each one.

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