Tuesday, May 29, 2001    


An Addict's Tale

By:Bridget, Pittsburgh, PA

Within the past two months I have discovered Dmarie and I once again find myself completely addicted. Maybe it's natural to my personality to go completely overboard on things I like, but if the scrapbooking addiction wasn't enough, now I'm addicted to a scrapbooking website!?!

I lurk on the picture talk boards, check out the new products, press refresh over and over so I can see what clever new billboards Mark has come up with (go MAMBI Blonde!). I learn lingo from the chat boards and picture talk so I can now pass among my fellow scrappers like a native - MAMBI, OTM, CMC, and d/ everyone. I know about snap packs, the latest sale/steal at Michaels, who's getting their subscriptions when and who out there needs a prayer, what they are cooking while praying and what ticks them all off.

I now know details of the lives of women I'll never meet who have online handles like Crazy Cow Cropper, Scrap Wiz, Red Molly, St. Sarah, and many others whose board names are not very funny. I love their details, as they lend validity to my details. My mundane life through the looking glass is funny and worthy and clever. I don't need to meet these women, although I wouldn't be opposed, as I already know them. They are me and my friends. They are the girls I wish lived across the street instead of that strange couple with the little yippy dogs.

Dmarie has given this sad little box in my dining room, that used to rival me for my husbands attention, (and was therefore considered the enemy) a personality. I've bonded with the box. This is now MY computer and DMarie is my homepage. I love that I've found a use for this technology that speaks to me, mom. I love that there are other women out there who fret over the right shade of paper and the total lack of 12x12 uniformity. I am not alone. WE are not alone. Here in my scungy bathrobe, next to my filthy kitchen floor and my unfinished real work, I have found a community. My name is Bridget and I'm an addict.

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