Thursday, May 3, 2001    


Nourishment for the Soul

By:Jena, Menlo Park, CA

A perfect integration of artistic expression, loving attention to my family, socializing with amazingly interesting and fun women and spending time absorbed in myself--this is why I love scrapbooking. It fills so many needs for connection and for nourishment of self simultaneously.

As I take the time to record the moments of my family's life; when I make a gift album for someone; when I share my enthusiasm for the craft with others; I am expanding the places where we all connect. I believe scrapbooking is about intimacy, and as I come closer to expressing the truth of our lives and memories, the better I get at intimacy.

Is this my religion? It sounds like it!! (I guess DMarie is my church) Holy smokes..this is taking a turn I didn't expect *U*!

I am impressed that the devotion which goes into this work brings so much joy and comfort. I know that it softens my heart with my extended family even when the real life relationships are less than stellar.

Scrapbooking has helped me shift my relentless "futurism" into a greater contentment with the moment. I think of things in terms of moments and memories now, instead of always waiting for the next great thing. The intense focus of working on a page also funnels my energy so that I am centered and more available to those I love.

Wow, writing this essay makes it sound really great!!! I thought it was really great before, but now I even have lofty spiritual and psychological reasons to justify scrapbooking. (And of course all the shopping for it that is absolutely necessary). Thanks DMarie and Mark...

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