Friday, May 3, 2002    


My Life in Scrapbooking or What Happened to All My Money

By:Chris by the Ocean

I discovered scrapbooking as many of us have, by attending a home party. While vaguely interested at the time, I probably would never have pursued the hobby except that we were moving and would be living in a hotel for two weeks. I wanted something to do that was easily transportable.

Moving to a new town was hard and making new friends wasnít easy. I had a lot of time on my hands. I have always been an adaptable person, so after moving into our new residence, I continued to occupy myself with my scrapbooks and then started playing with our new toy Ė the internet. I discovered dMarie by doing a search on scrapbooking.

I lurked for several years, through the placenta story, the running of the bulls, Mark and dMarieís engagement story and then one day I felt brave enough to post. I donít think anyone answered, but clearly, I didnít stop because I moved from lurker to true addict. Over the years I have come to think of many of the woman on this BB as friends, and have been amazed that the random acts of kindness, the wisdom and humour that are regularly offered. I might be tempted to say that if I didnít check dMarie at least three times a day, I would probably get the shakes or some other physical sign of withdrawl, but I really wouldnít know. Iíve never been at home and tried it. In fact, if I am out of town, and can get to a computer, I will check in!

Quite some time ago I read a quote that expresses my sentiments exactly how I feel about scrapbooking. Itís a hobby with a purpose. I feel that I am leaving a legacy for my great grandchildren. Fortunately, my whole family, especially my husband, supports my hobby. Last year when a dMarie friend invited me to stay with her and go to GASC, it was he who insisted I go.

I guess that leads us to the only downside of this hobby. My wallet is considerably lighter. Travel, buying supplies, paper, pens, glues, glue removers scissors all adds up. There are times when I actually feel that I work only to support my hobby. I wonder how many new couches I could have bought by now? Well, we all have our priorities, and I guess Iíve picked mine. I do dream of a new furniture, itís true, but given a choice I think I would pick returning to GASC again, being with my friends, and yes, I admit it, getting more stuff.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: How scrapbooking changed my life., by Lisa H.

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