Tuesday, May 4, 1999    


The Heart Part

By:Mary Jane M.

My son and I love playing "Who Am I" during our daily drives. We each take turns giving and guessing clues about animals all over the world. Stumping each other in the process is half the fun. Equally fun is meeting his challenge to "tell me a little girl story". Each time I reach back and recall something new, hopefully an incident he can relate to his own childhood experiences.

While I enjoy being stumped in our "Who Am I" game, I do not want my children and theirs left wondering who I am and who I see them to be. Likewise, as many times as we share my little girl stories, the details only surface for the moment and then disappear with the busyness of the day. My young children cannot possibly remember my retelling of past and present, and unless someone or something pricks my own memory, neither will I.

Scrapbooking helps me record the treasures I deem worth sharing for longer than the moment. No, I cannot encapsulate every smile, every hug, every word spoken to express the love and value we place on each other and those around us. Yes, finding time to sort through what and how I want to pass along those jewels is the hard part of completing this journal. But capturing the essence of who we are and how we want to be remembered-- that is the heart part, the focus of this passion. Photos and phrases combine to record the past for future eyes to see. And in the present, this craft opens my eyes to many memorable moments I might otherwise miss.

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