Sunday, May 4, 2003    


I love to's why

By:Cheryl R.

I truly love to work on my scrapbooks. As my husband would say it truly relaxes me and helps me to destress... ok so I might still stress out over my pages but I have so much fun... I also love looking at my creations after a while and it's funny but I get sucked in and start to remember my feelings at the time of the pictures being taken.. always a great feeling.

My most fun project lately has been doing a HS Reunion album. I made it for my HS reunion which was in November.. everyone loved it... I had used pictures that I had from HS and from our yearbook as needed... other classmates donated their photos too. I was so glad that everyone liked it during the reunion... I need to update it to include the pictures from the reunion (only our ten year).

I've also been working on my niece's book.. I'm almost up to Christmas (my latest pictures of her) I love flipping through her book and seeing how much she has grown. My favorite layout in her book is one that won't be complete till her 1st birthday.. I'm doing a 2 page layout entitled.. My How I Have Grown and I am taking pictures of her at least once a month for her page... I can't wait to get my latest roll of film developed... then I can do her Christmas pages...

I also love to scrapbook because it allows me to be creative and I love to be creative and try out new ideas. I love to play with all my tools and I even might venture out and use eyelets in the near future..or even brads.

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