Monday, May 5, 2003    


Wow- Where do I start?!?!


Scrapbooking has changed the way that I look at life in general these days! Everywhere I look there are ideas that pop into my head for layout designs, color combinations, titles, you name it.

I've started taking pictures of things that I probably never would have imagined- just a couple of weeks ago I took a picture of my son's foot when they first unwrapped it after surgery; just so we would remember what he's going through to correct his bunions!

One day hopefully, my sons will cherish this lasting memory that I work so hard and spend so much money doing. My greatest wish is for them to look through my books one day and tell stories to their children about things they remember that they might have forgotten if it hadn't been for these books.

I hope that I can eventually get all my pictures (plus my mom's) scrapped so that future generations can see how it was "in the good ole days". If so that will be one of my great accomplishments in life! And I can't think of anthing better to be remembered for!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Why I love scrapbooking, by Michelle S. (aka ChelleBelle)

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