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How has scrapbooking changed my life?

By:By Sherri, OH

Scrapbooking has not only become a creative outlet in my life, but a way to preserve a part of it for generations to come. When I was 12 I was assigned a project at school to research my family tree. Many students came with a report of sorts that merely listed the names of their grandparents, parents, and siblings.

I found a wealth of information from my grandparents. They had boxes of tin types and sepia tone photographs that had gone untouched, for many years. Why? Because only my grandparents knew who these people in the photos were. Pictures of a smiling mother with her newborn son or a large group of people from a family reunion. They were just unknown faces to the grandkids.

My grandparents were elated to share these family photos with me. There were pictures of my great great great grandparents on their wedding day. There was also, I learned, the sad story of his accident that took him from her, leaving her with two small children to raise on her own.

As each photo was removed from the box, as story was told. Much more than names and dates, my entire family tree became living to me, through these pictures and stories. I got an A+ on my report and scrapbook, but it was the 70's, and I was not an acid free scrapper. I knew that the stories my grandparents told me needed to be recorded with the photographs.

My scrapbooks were all re-worked, acid free, five years ago, and the stories remain there. They are read and enjoyed by the family and will remain for the next generation too. After all, these photos were from the 1795-1850 eras became heritage to me, but my favorite photos of 2002 will become heritage for my great grandchildren to come. They won't know what I was like, if the stories aren't journalled.

Scrapping has also developed into the opportunity of being published. I have written two punchart books, Punchin' 2 and soon to be released Punchin'7, and am working on a third book. All the results of a school assignment in sixth grade. Scrapbooking.... a wonderful change in my life.

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