Monday, May 8, 2000    


Why is scrapbooking important

By:L. Thomas

I have always loved pictures - especially old photos from 30-50 years ago that I have been blessed to have - unfortunately, even though they are in albums there are very few notations as to who is in the pictures with my parents and their families. It's a bit of a difficult exercies for my mother to recall since my father recently passed away. My goal is to begin the process so that my children will have a family history. Even my husband's childhood photos are scattered and not all documented - we look back at them and 15-20 years has erased a lot of the memories.

I find my children love seeing themselves with their family and are able to recall events more easily since I have started scrapbooking - I too have improved recall since my pregnancies have dissipated my memory cells! It's the little moments during our lives that are especially important to me and my family which gets captured in photos and journaling in our scrapbooks.

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